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A Paynter

Swap Rules & Guidelines

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The following set of rules and guidelines have been put in place to help the members buy, sell and swap with the least amount of trouble.

  1. First off you buy, sell or swap at your own risk. BBT take absolutely no responsibility for any problems or issues you may encounter. We will always help when we can but it will only be in the form of advice.
  2. ALWAYS pay for items by PayPal if being posted and NEVER pay using Gift. You have been warned and do so at your own risk.
  3. These boards are post only. Please PM the seller to ask any questions or to purchase the item(s).
  4. If you feel that a post isn't right or doesn't feel genuine then please report it and the BBT Admin will look into it and take the appropriate actions.
  5. This section is not for shops or traders. Any posts that are from shops or traders will be removed.
  6. ALL posts MUST include a picture of the item(s) being sold. If a picture is not included then the post will be removed.

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