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Aidan #bbt

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  1. ReChargeRC game

    Anyone else playing ReCharge RC. It's a free game on all phones, App Store or google play. It's all clay tracks but a few of the US pros are setting times.
  2. Orion 7.5t motor

    For sale my lightly used 7.5t vst2 motor i think my pics are too big so won't load
  3. New World Champion for 2017

    4wd seeding practise threw up some surprises
  4. http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-29-ryan-harris-team-associatedworlds-2018-catch-up/
  5. New World Champion for 2017

    Lee caused havoc in A3 but catching a pipe and the world got caught up behind him.
  6. Worlds final timetable

    Janice sorted this so thanks Janice
  7. 13.5 motor & speedo

  8. My AE B6

    What tires are those?
  9. Hello, is this on?

    I don't think it did Jay?
  10. 13.5 motor & speedo

    Hi all, looking for a speedo and 13.5t motor for my Grasshopper 2. Not looking to spend loads
  11. People didn't make this to continue the continual 'nonsense' about why doesn't Aidan get a ZX6 ?
  12. Southport Indoors @ Crosby

    Indoor club meeting