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  1. Podcast Feed

    Link to the latest and all episodes of the podcast! http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast
  2. B64

    B64 - Comes with some upgrades...AE alloy Rear hubsSchelle carbon steering linkAE alloy steering rackRoll bar set F/RWill come with kit shock bodies (never used).Hard arms all round, plus some spare fronts.THR front tower protector.7.5t used Reedy motor (M2)Can be supplied with the body shell in the pics. I will throw in any other spare bits I can find. This is the version with the ctr slipper.Only the listed electrics are included in the sale.£280.00 + £12.00 postage via paypal gift.
  3. Episode 39 in the books! Link below! http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-39-dustin-evans-reedy-race-champion-2018/
  4. Late on these, but below are the links to the latest episodes! http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-35-oople-2018-damo-duncan-pole-team-cml/ http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-36-mkgp-madness/ http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episodie-37-reedy-race-mkgp-meltdown/ http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-38-richard-barton-briefcase-team-cml-ae/
  5. Episode 33 for your listening pleasure? Big thanks to Jason for giving us his time on this weeks podcast! #Superstar http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-33-jason-snyder-short-course-world/
  6. B6 Set Up Station

    The thread for set ups and views on how they worked....Good or bad.
  7. Lets See Your B6

    Just a pic thread to show off all the awesome B6 buggies out there! Get 'em posted peeps!
  8. Episode 32 for your listening pleasure! Apologies for the crackling at the start....No idea what that was! http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-32-james-helliwell-robin-hood-raceway/
  9. Episode 31 for your listening pleasure! Welcoming back Martin Owen of PR Racing and Joey C Cup from Team LMR for a catch up on the recent IFMAR World Champs in China. Plus some news and views as usual from me and Aidan! http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-31-the-return-of-mowen-and-a-little-bit-of-joey/
  10. YouTube Video Section

    Thanks mate, much appreciated
  11. YouTube Video Section

    The first of our YouTube vids! Hope you guys find it useful
  12. Ep.30 Ryan Cavalieri

    http://allhailthebbt.com/podcast/episode-30-ryan-cavalieri/ The one with Cav
  13. New World Champion for 2017

    Tom C smashing it!
  14. So....who's your pick for the 4wd title!?